After successfully completing his PhD at the Allen School, Mike Chung joined Vicarious Robotics - a bay area robotics start-up with Willow Garage roots. He joins former HCR lab visitor Jimmy Baraglia there. Congratulations!

Vicarious was later acquired by Intrinsic - an Alphabet company that focuses on “making industrial robotics accessible and usable.” Intrinsic also acquired Open Robotics, the stewarts of ROS (Robot Operating System) in 2022.

Mike’s PhD thesis focused on the development of end-user programming tools for socially interactive robots. Most recently, he developed new methods to incrementally adjust parameters of a social robot program (represented as a finite state machine) from implicit signals obtained during interaction (RSS 2020 paper). He also developed ConCodeIt! – a visual programming interface that allows creating programs with concurrent operations (Ro-Man 2020 paper).