Unintended Failures of Robot-Assisted Feeding in Social Contexts

A. Nanavati, P. Alves-Oliveira, T. Schrenk, E. K. Gordon, M. Cakmak, and S. S. Srinivasa, “Unintended Failures of Robot-Assisted Feeding in Social Contexts,” Mar. 2023, [Online]. Available at: https://dl.acm.org/doi/abs/10.1145/3568294.3580209.


Over 1.8 million Americans require assistance eating. Robot-assisted feeding is a promising way to empower people with motor impairments to eat independently. Yet, most robot-assisted feeding research has focused on individual dining (e.g., eating at home with a caregiver), but not social dining (e.g., family meals, friends’ brunch, romantic dates). What happens when a robot developed for individual contexts gets used in social contexts? In this humorous video, we present unintended consequences that can arise from robot-assisted feeding in social settings. This video aims to raise awareness about the importance of accounting for social context when designing assistive robots.

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